Water 102 (even more regarding weight loss)

The benefits of drinking water can be summed up into a few key points beginning with regulating your appetite. This is also aided by an increase in metabolism and energy levels while decreasing your water retention and cholesterol levels. Add to this the reduction in blood pressure with the alleviation of headaches and the first item on your weight loss plan should be to drink more water.

There are cautions to consider

People who suffer from kidney problems and other similar conditions should check with their doctor and follow their recommendations. There are also those who suffer with a rare side effect called hypoatremia (which is an electrolyte imbalance). As a general rule: Always seek the advice of a medical professional before changing or modifying your eating and exercise habits.

What about weight loss?

Keeping yourself properly hydrated is one of the most difficult things to accomplish in a weight loss plan. It is important to note that the human body is 60% – 70% water and your blood is 92% water. Your blood helps to transport nutrients throughout the body and water helps to maintain this function. Water also helps the digestion and absorption of food while flushing the bowels and kidneys.

Additionally, let’s not forget that water is a natural appetite suppressant and lack of water can lead to overeating. Your brain cannot differentiate between being hungry or being thirsty; it sends out the same signals; that is, you feel hunger pangs and not “thirst pangs.”

Remember that the formula for the amount of water you should be drinking is 1 oz./2 lbs. of body weight. You should also aim for sipping water throughout the day rather than “downing” as much as you can handle in one sitting. This will cause the water to pass through you rather than properly hydrate you.

Make a water plan

Staying properly hydrated will be the greatest challenge of your new diet plan; however, your success rate will be almost guaranteed if you manage to stick to the water plan aspect of your program. Begin with this goal: eight 8 oz. glasses per day:

  1. When you wake up
  2. With breakfast
  3. Mid-morning with a snack
  4. With Lunch
  5. Mid-afternoon snack
  6. Before dinner
  7. After dinner
  8. Before bed

This is just a simple plan to get you started. You can modify it to suit your needs and once you have achieved the goal of eight 8 oz. glasses per day, use the formula to figure out more accurately how much water you really need and set up a new goal and plan.. Try it! You’ve got nothing to lose except that extra weight of course.

How do you know if you’re not drinking enough water?

Your body will tell you, just pay attention to these signs. 

  1. Headaches; your brain is 75% water.
  2. Poor concentration and fatigue due to the high level of toxins in the body.
  3. Constipation results because the body is using water for other functions.
  4. Reduced or dark urine. Did you know that 200 liters of water pass through the kidneys each day?
  5. Bad breath or furry tongue. Lack of water causes bacteria and food to collect in your mouth.
  6. Your skin should be elastic. Try this simple test: Pinch the skin on the back of your hand. If it doesn’t snap back then start drinking more water.

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