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A very easy, but oh so tasty and healthy instant pot lentil recipe. This is quite thick so you can add water or broth to make a soup if you ...
The benefits of drinking water can be summed up into a few key points beginning with regulating your appetite. This is also aided by an increase in metabolism and energy ...
Water 101 for weight loss and health
Water is a crucial variable in stimulating weight loss and keeping it off. It additionally aids in shedding fat. By just increasing your intake you will reduce your fat deposits.
Chana Masala - Whole food plant based no oil
This is a no oil version of the Indian classic Chana masala or Garbanzo stew. Whole food plant based no oil.
This is a take on my regular salsa verde. Roasted salsa verde has a nutty, and more hearty flavor than the boiled version.
Cocoa covered boysenberries
This is a great snack for all ages. Cocoa covered boysenberries are nutritious and healthy. Plant based and no oil. Try them! Cocoa Covered Boysenberries A simple, whole food, plant ...