Winco Bulk Food Barcode Database

A somewhat complete list of Winco bulk food barcodes

Nutrient Basics Macronutrients

A short primer on the main nutrients in food.

Water 102 Even More Regarding Weight Loss

The benefits of drinking water can be summed up into a few key points beginning with regulating your appetite. This is also aided by an increase in metabolism and energy levels while decreasing your water retention and cholesterol levels. Add to this the reduction in blood pressure with the alleviation of headaches and the first item on your weight loss plan should be to drink more water. There are cautions to consider People who suffer from kidney problems and other similar conditions should check with their doctor and follow their recommendations.

Water 101 for Diet and Weight Management

Water is a crucial variable in stimulating weight loss and keeping it off. It additionally aids in shedding fat. By just increasing your intake you will reduce your fat deposits. The body needs water. Your body needs water to function at it’s peak. If you’re not getting adequate amounts, then your body goes into “survival mode”. Then it starts to maintain water resulting in puffy hands as well as feet.